Mark Chadwick

Mark Chadwick is a British contemporary fine artist, born in 1983. Mr, Chadwick studied Fine Art at Birmingham City University and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2006 and Master of Arts in 2008. He decided to specialize in abstract painting. 

His works represents " the ideas of surrounding authorship, process and chance encounters". 

" In my current series of fluid paintings, the unique display of forms and colours are brought together by hand but manipulated through the use of machines or natures forces. Some paintings are spun or shaken while others rely upon reactions between materials or gravity to allow the painting to almost form itself. The paintings are built up of many layers of paint, each creating it's own flowing abstract surface left open to interpretation by the viewer."                                      
                                                                                                                                                                               [Mark Chadwick]

It's utterly surprising to see how the Chadwick's fluid colours form shapes and scenarios which involve each emotion, provoking a sense of quietness. The curves, the smoothed angles and the use of primary colours induces us to investigate our inner-selves, captured into the fluidity of the composition, which is nothing but the transposition of our thoughts. Those paintings charm and absorb the viewer, leading him/her to a single silent and vibrating question: "Who truly am I?".

Furthermore, Chadwick's technique, based on the colours' chance encounters, reminds of the human condition described by the Greek philosopher, Parmenides: as each man is made of the same substance and differently chance formed, after the fixed but variable rules of nature, making each one unique, as his paintings are.

Mark Chadwick - Fluid Painting 108 

Mark Chadwick- Spin Painting 24

Mark Chadwick- Tilt Painting 1

Mark Chadwick , Fluid Painting 97, 2016.

Mark Chadwick's Fluid Art:


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