Salman Khoshroo

Salman Khoshroo - From his Website 

Salman Khoshroo in his Studio - From his Website


About the Artist:
Salman Khoshroo was born in 1983 and spent his childhood in New York, he graduated in Digital Art at the Australian National University, he is currently based in Iran, Teheran.

A great fusion of dynamism and energy flows through his colourful strokes: his mastery of palette knife, creating a full range of palpable movements in the tension of the subject , brings together an intriguing and intense game of harmonic chaos. 

Figure from the "Wanderer" Exhibition
Figure from the "Wanderer" Exhibition

The great study of human anatomy is visible and enhanced by the great attention for the representation of muscles and proportions.

 From "Torso" Collection
From Torso Collection
 From the "Torso" Collection
From Torso Collection
A touch of mistery is brought out by the absence of visages and therefore expressions, representing though the emotions throughout colours and movements, in an expressive motion of great pathos.

Sabke Sevvom exhibition

Sabke Sevvom exhibition

Written by Federico Bertorello a.k.a. Freddy Kingley 

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