What is art? A Consideration about Contemporary Art

Contemporary art is the art produced by artists who are living in the twenty-first century, reflecting on contemporary society and the issues and joys of the world around us, employing several new and old techniques, following the technological development, thus involving a vigorous combination of materials, methods, ideas and subjects, which revolutionize the traditional art definition.

The great diversity of themes and the lack of standardization is the distinguishing trait of this eclectic and active period, concerning a larger context of diverse background, culture, personality, self-consciousness and many more decisive factors: too many to be labelled under a unique category.

Contemporary art is often judged hard to understand, mostly for its conceptualism, maybe too cryptic without fully getting to know the reasons and the background of the author. Naturally the goal of fully comprehend the artist’s point of view in such a multi-faceted possibility of interpretation is an un-easy or rather impossible task, since every work gives a different perception to the onlooker, depending on his/her personal emotionality and personal context, thus showing the great mesmerizing ability of contemporary artists’ aim to reflect the constant, quick and varied evolution of modern world in all its complexity, in order to show an image of life as we know it, different for each and the same for all.

Naturally, “confusion, skepticism and reject in front of many contemporary art works is legitimate and reasonable” (Julian Spalding): 

What can be considered Art

In my humble opinion, art is what gives emotions and reflects our state of mind, our feelings, our dreams and our desires, involving our inner self in a cathartic experience which leaves an indelible mark on us.

I would like my readers to think about what art is to them and comment with their own words, so that we can share and learn from each other, enjoying the great charming diversity we all share. 


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